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Writing is so hard!

One of my students the other day sent me her required freewriting samples and said “writing is so hard!”

It’s not the writing part that’s hard — it’s the sitting part.

I was listening to an interview today with self-help and personal coaching guru Cheryl Richardson, and she relayed a story about a woman who had a problem with clutter. This woman had moved into a new home and all her boxes of stuff were piled everywhere around her house and it had been a year and she hadn’t unpacked a thing, and so she hired Cheryl to help her, and after a session or two with no progress, Cheryl said, “light some candles, place them around the boxes, and ask the boxes what they have to tell you.” Crazy, right? But this woman did it, and she came away from the experience and said that the boxes told her that inside of them were notes and all sorts of things that would help her write the book she was supposed to write, and they weren’t going anywhere until she started writing.

I love that story.

I have a lot of books and similar “things” around my house just waiting. I guess it’s time to make the decision and go write?